10 Great “Companions” for your kids

Most parents often had to wrestle with multiple roles in their daily life. Being responsible as a parent, son/daughter, employee/manager while we also need to be socially connected can be relatively intense routinely.

We struggle at times on our availability of time and financials to cope with day-to-day routine needs to aspiring wants. We had to strike an appropriate balance for our adulthood responsibilities and commitments for the kids learning and essential requirements. Investing in our children learning and developmental is an important priority. Identifying to selecting the right merchandise to cultivate their cognitive growth can take tremendous amount of time and efforts too.

As an online business owner and a father of 2 young girls, I have “consumed” the suggested list below. These products are truly meaningful in getting our children engaged, spend their time more meaningfully and take their attention off from frequent urge for digital devices. We recommend these products as they can also support our children to cultivate to learn independently, allowing us to take some “personal time” to manage other daily activities

01. Tracey Moroney Book Set

This book collection is made up of 2 separate series which can add great emotional awareness for your kids. When they learn how to articulate and express their feeling appropriately, it helps in our communication with better understanding of their thoughts and intentions. These useful reading books can use as bedtime stories for 3 years old onwards, the slightly older kids can try to read by themselves and associate with various type of emotions.

When I’m Feeling (10 books) $24.90

Things I Love (8 books) $22.90

02. LadyBird Book Set Level 1 to 4 ($62.90)

This is a value pack collection consisting of 50 soft cover books, comprises of Level 1 to 4.

Many of the book titles are generally classic stories which we are familiar with and the kids will be interested. The entire book set is suitable if you have different kids ranging from 3 to 7 years old, they can share and keep this worthy set for their longer-term reading. Each level can be sold separately too.

A.Level 1 – 15 books

B. Level 2- 15 books

C. Level 3 – 9 books

D. Level 4- 9 books

03. Printable ($2.50 to $4)

We have a variety of printable pages to keep your children engaged and indulged in writing and practising activities. These printable are in digital format and support print per use concept and repetitive usage in accordance with the children’s preferences. This reduces the amount of activity books that you need to buy and store at home.

We strongly encourage printing out only the pages the children will use per time, they can learn about appreciating and reducing paper to support and save our environment.

Our printable are priced at great affordability and our assortments will continually expand to suit to different learning needs. These are Ideal for to keep your pre-schoolers to early primary schoolers occupied.

A. Colouring PagesB. Alphabet to Words WritingC. Basic Learning
D. GamesE. Mathematics TablesF. Theme borders/frames

04. Tic Tac Toe Bag ($2.50)

These are specially curated for our children birthday goodie bag giveaway, exclusively design with 6 different themes. These compact bags are created by us to enable a simple game activity, our children can play repeatedly and put some small accessories when travelling out. A truly unique gift item for goodie bag which you would not find in other shops, we recommended this for children 4 years old and above.

A. AppleB. BearC. Pineapple
D. TreeE. CarsF. Pumpkin

05. Cartoon Puzzles ($6.90 to $12.90)

Puzzles are typically great cognitive “toys” for children, they get to train their memory, motor, and problem-solving capability.

Frequent play can improve their coordination, sequence planning, and drill their general persistency to want to complete things. They can progressively scale their competency to larger puzzles. We offer a wide variety of AUTHENTIC puzzles with multiple most liked characters to children favourite theme.

60 pieces tin box (Recommended for 3 to 5 years & above)
100 pieces tin box (Recommended for 4 to 6 years & above)
200 pieces tin box (Recommended for 6 years & above)
200 pieces box (Good for 6 years & above)

06. 3D Colouring Puzzle (12.90 to $19.90)

This is a 2-in-1 “toy” where your kids can colour the individual puzzles and later piece them together to form in the object. Suited for 6 years old and above, our children can perform the colouring work and decide how they want to puzzle them again. Kids had to do basic planning on their preferred sequence and selected their desired colour accordingly. This is a mini project that requires their coordination to plan their work to completing the puzzles.

They may like a single object or have several ones in the same pack to boast the fun of colouring. Select from 1 of the 10 options that is available.

07. Colouring Doodle Toys ($9.90 to $21.90)

We recommended this series for both the fun and the importance of the cognitive development from colouring. Your children will get to choose from a variety of different animals and objects. These are suited for 4 years old and above, they will have great fun especially playing with the wearables. They can colour and wear over them as a play activity.

A. DinosaurB. GiraffeC. Unicorn
D. ElephantE. LionF. Candy Car
G. Mini CircusH. Sheep 

08. Waste Classification Educational Toy ($9.90)

Being more aware of recycling is ever more important than before. This is a fun educational toy to guide our children becoming familiar with various classes of waste management. This item consists of a waste classification kit, there are 4 different colours of bin and 108 cards. Our children be guided on proper disposal of various type of waste and be better verse in managing the waste appropriately.

09. Chinese Flashcards ($4.90 to $8.90)

Most Chinese parents experience the common challenge of their children conversing, reading, writing mainly in English. Our mother tongue is equally important, and association needs to begin earlier. The need to minimize the habitual negligence in learning Chinese can possibly be aided with constant showering them with Chinese content and educational tools. We have a variety of flashcards to improve their frequency of associating learning about the words.

10. Maths Educational Set($22.80)

This is a specially bundled offer by Kiddy Companion  where we curated a mathematics learning set to get our children to familiarize themselves with 3 important topics. This includes a wooden Abacus, a fraction set and 4 flashcards (Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide) to equip our children the learning fundamentals. The usual price for this package is $29.80. Recommended for 4 years old and above for their basic learning and getting acquainted with fractions and mathematical calculations.

We hope these 10 recommended products can serve you and your children well where you would be able to add a variety of learning and fun for them. Our children will certainly require our constant attention, we need to constantly allocate adequate time and effort for their betterment. These recommendations can certainly boast their motivation to learn and elevate the quality of their day-to-day activities. We wish you have more time for yourself now that they have truly great “companions” for our beloved.

Shop at www.kiddycompanion.com for more greater variety of “companions”.

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