The emergence of e-commerce has facilitated great convenience for everyone who are adopting habitual buying online. Many products can be easily bought with simply a few clicks away.

Many consumers are buying one item at a time when needing a new product. While enjoying the convenience of purchasing a single item regularly, this does not help customers getting best value or being environmentally friendly since this involve a single use of wrapping packages and making a deliberate point of delivery for your one product.

Minimum Spend Discount Promotional Code
$100 18% BUYTOGETHER18

Introducing Kiddy Companion’s Buy Together program, we aspire to encourage consumers to

Consolidate your individual requirements
into a single transaction

Group together with their friends/families
to get bulk discount/offers.

You can get a more ideal price per unit, reduce the use of packing materials and number of delivery trips needed.

Parents often spend much time to research and identify the worthy point-of-purchase. We hope to partner you in enhancing your buying journey and making discount and offers straightforward. You also can save time while communicating to your group buy kakis.

Most of our items are eligible for the direct discount, selected products can be exempted. A gift will be provided on a while stock last basis. Free delivery applies to purchases of $50 and above.

If you think you may want to buy more and need a greater discount, Whatsapp us to tell us more.

** Kiddy Companion reserves the right to change any promotional mechanics whenever needed (a small font below)

Kiddy Companion

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