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Like many other industries, the toys industry has undergone major changes since its inception. The types and number of products sold have changed significantly. You can see how consumer prices are changing due to the pandemic. Currently, parental toy purchases are affected by:

  • Finding toys that kids can only use at home
  • A game everyone can enjoy with family
  • A game to expand your scientific and general knowledge
  • Attention to the environment and environmental issues
  • Anxiety-relieving toys

Toy Industry so far

What has happened so far coincides with an explosion in sales, and parents know they will be spending more time at home. In 2020, toy sales grew 16%, and the main categories are toys, puzzles, action figures, dolls, and outdoor games. Climate products are an important part of outdoor activities. Products such as sleds, colored snow toys, balloons and snowmobile kits are not “on the shelf”. Licensing games have not been very successful as many films promoting these products are not shown in theaters.

Before Toys “R” Us closed in 2018 in the United States, the space was a testament to the success of the new toy. Small independent businesses did this during the pandemic, and the innovations introduced have brought them to life today.

Events that are happening today

In the next few months, the focus is on garden games, family games and picnic games. The number of ride-on toy cars is growing rapidly, and sustainable products such as garbage trucks and recycling trucks with accessories that teach children how to reuse are very popular. Water jets with new features and beautiful toilets are also popular.

Overall growth in 2021 will be lower than in 2020, reaching single-digit growth. Given the expensive swings and expensive trampolines that will go on sale in 2020, it will be harder to compare this summer to each month. Screenings will continue as a way to promote products until the fall, when the film is expected to return. As fall approaches, the longest holiday shopping season we’ve seen last year could be extended. Advertising for expensive toys like radio-controlled cars and large doll houses could start in September. At that time, many people should have returned to the physical stores.

In general, good growth is expected in the low single digits in 2021, but not in the double digits as in 2020. This is a good move for a mature sector that is growing faster than last year. Innovation is the key to gaining market share. Of course, this means that many new toys will gain market share, but it also means that even iconic brands that can adapt and transform can gain market share.

Some common trends include:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Toys: Improving Science and Math Skills
  • Green Toys: Products for Sustainability,
  • Toys for Family Play, Toys for Playing at Home
  • Social and Emotional Education: Games to help children relax and manage their emotions
  • Digital Impact: YouTube is an important source of information about the games kids want.

One of this year’s main trends highlights the lasting impact of the pandemic on sports. The toy industry is helping children become better global citizens by providing many social, emotional and cognitive benefits through awareness, music and early childhood education.

Key takeaways for kids toys

One of the positive aspects of the pandemic is families rediscovering the joy of spending time with each other and the value of integrating toys and games into everyday life. By 2021, families are looking for new games to improve communication and inclusive games for kids with different skills and interests. The course includes games and educational activities that families can use to help their children learn new skills and subjects. Family games and puzzles with cross-generational appeal. Outside the kitchen games Korean characters and character-themed activities and games

As the trend towards kids and adults increases, more and more adults are playing to bring joy and relaxation into their lives. Games and games have always been a way for adults to get away from reality and reconnect with children. These trends include adult sports and other social media and fashion trends. People also collect and create games that will appeal to hardcore fans. Crowd-funded toys and games that invite regular fans to a larger fanbase.

Music mixes are supported on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. These platforms are viral music incubators, dance adventures, and games that kids can enjoy and enjoy on the go. Toys can be inspired by social platforms, channels and music apps. Innovative audio player for screen-free playback. A game that encourages children to combine and create their own music.

Zen session games are not only fun, but also provide happy, healthy emotional support in times of stress and uncertainty. Under the guidance of the Toy Genius Toy Association, families across the country say playing together is one of the best ways to help children cope with their emotions. This year, there is a growing demand for games that help children develop social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. There is an increasing trend of toys and games that improve self-awareness and self-management. This consists of cozy dolls, stuffed animals and sensory toys that create zen moments.

As socially responsible gaming families seek new ways to become better citizens of the world, game developers respond with games that encourage social responsibility and goodwill. The course includes puppetry that promotes cultural diversity and awareness. Green toys can also teach children about sustainability and strengthen the protection of the most colorful endangered species. Kids can also learn to identify important elements of farm-to-table concepts and games that teach renewable energy.

As more movie theaters launch, licensed toy sales will be affected by streaming services and non-linear hybrid channels such as Disney+, Netflix, and HBO Max in 2021. In the absence of live events (game consoles, platforms, brand birthdays, etc.) via video games. These trends create new opportunities for local companies utilizing social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube to cut through noise, and affect several categories of existing retail and entertainment licenses.


It is a cliché to say that past trends are accelerated by the spread of a pandemic. The toy industry isn’t the only one changing strategy due to epidemics and lockdowns. The trends and trends we are paying attention to are going to come sooner or later. And if you are looking for toys that are meaningful and fun, you will find many amazing choices here in the catalog.

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