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The Forgotten Birthday Program was initiated as early as in 2011 by a group of individual volunteers to help support a group of displaced Burmese children who are mostly stateless and/or unaccompanied (i.e. orphan or away from home with totally no contact with their family), living in Maesot a small little town by the border of Thailand and Burma.

Being stateless, they faced many challenges and inequality that many of us would not fully comprehend…the need to hide and live by shying away from unwanted attention.  Their caregivers are too busy trying hard to make ends meets. It has come to point when a toy is given to the young children at nursery but they do not know what they can do with it…no laughter, no smile.

From a co-hosted birthday party for 163 children in Agape learning center with children age range from 18th months to 16 years old, the forgotten birthday program was further extended to more orphanages, schools and boarding houses. The number had grown to over 600 since 2015. 

Each year these volunteers make at least two trips to Maesot.  Birthday celebrations for these children has a special meaning.  It’s not just a special day full of fun and joy, it is to celebrate their existence in this world, reminding them that they are not forgotten, they are special and they are being cherished.  Each party never failed to create the magical experiences for the children and for the volunteers as well.

Our Participation

When a friend (one of the volunteers) approached me to be a child sponsorship for one of the children Zoo Phoo Ngone in 2015, I agreed immediately and I never looked back.

I hope to be able to bring that little bit of happiness to other less fortunate children through the little bit of contribution that I put in for Zoo Phoo Ngone. With an annual donation, she has the opportunity to further her studies and enjoy a memorable childhood given the environment that she lives in.

Kiddy Companion will continue our support to the Forgotten Birthday Program as we believe nothing beats bringing joy and laughter to these less fortunate children and to bring a smile to their face and memorable memories to their childhood.

Going Forward

We hope to raise awareness and garner more contribution for the children of this Forgotten Birthday Program to a wider group out there. If you would like to contribute to this Program, please email us at enquiry@kiddycompanion.com with Subject Title “Forgotten Birthday Program” and we will link you to the volunteers.

Donations to this Program is not tax-deductible.

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