Animal DIY Card Holder


Our animal DIY cardholder is a complete kit that allows you, child, to create their own cardholder. We suggest parents help or watch their kids as they sew their cardholder, to create a stunning piece by themselves. Buying a cardholder is easy, but allowing your kids to make their own teaches them different skills, as they push their body and mind.

The animal DIY card holder kit comes with two pieces of felt cloth, needle and thread, an instruction manual, self-adhesive stickers, and a metal chain. Making sure you have all you need to create your own cardholder at home. With the option to choose between different designs, you can let your child pick the one that loves the most.

  • Size: 7.5x11cm (WxH)
  • Material: Vary
  • Type: Do It Yourself
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Owl, Dog, Lion, Elephant, Rabbit


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