Family Mosquito Repellent– Affordable Anti-Mosquito Patch + Spray + Liquid Electric Repellent


Protecting the family and our children with the daily usage of various mosquito repellent is important. This usually add to a fixed monthly expense which we as parents had to spend alongside with many other households essential to pay for the general well-beings of our family & beloved children.

Introducing the popular brand, RUNBEN essential oil repellent products of good quality at economical prices. Switching to this brand from the commercially popular ones can help you save considerably. We have the list of essential items for your choice.

1. Electric Mosquito Repellent – Home [Expiry 20230503]
Suitable for your daily home usage, each pack comes with 2 bottles of liquid refill and 1 heater. Each bottle can last UP TO 240 hours, average 8 hours per night for 30 days (45ml). You can buy additional refill in our listing as well for your continuous usage.
– Heater is made of PP material.
– No Deet
– Low toxicity, odourless and smoke-free
– Imported liquid from France
– Suitable for the family and babies 2 months & above

NOTE: Will need to use your own power adapter to fit this repellent.

Refill Expiry: 20230113

2. Mosquito Repellent Spray – Outdoor [Expiry 20231209]
Ideal for your outdoor activities, bring with you this light and portable bottle containing of 50ml measuring by 10.5cm by 3.5cm to protect you and your family.
– Effective for up to 4 hours.
– No Deet
– Spray from a recommendation distance of 15 to 20cm.
– Plant based enhanced with Lemon Eucalyptus oil

3. Mosquito Repellent Patch – Outdoor
Ideal for your pre-schoolers daily school usage. These patches is suitable ofr the family going for your outdoor activities.
– Blended with 6 natural essential oils imported from France
– Quality is Certified by IFRA USA
– Suitable for Infants, Young Children & Adults
– Last UP to 8 hours
– Easy to stick-on
– Comes with resealable bag for your ease of storage

We have the following options for your choice:
1. Single pack of 24 Lemon [Expiry: 20230118]
2. Single pack of 24 Lemon Grass [Expiry: 20230127]
3. Single pack of 60 Cartoon theme [Expiry: 20230112]

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24 pc Lemon, 24 pc Lemongrass, 60 pc Cartoon, Electric Repellant, Refill, Outdoor Repellant Spray


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