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Biscuit The Dog is a wonderful book set for your little one, with these, I can read phonics books are designed for kids who have recently started reading. With adventure stories, your kids get visual aid that takes them through the books easily. Keeping them coming back for more adventures of Biscuit.

The pack contains 12 different books, each one carrying a different story for your child to enjoy. The perfect gift for kids who have just started to read, or struggle to read out loud. The books offer them interesting stories that they can practice by reading at home. These reading books focus on your young one’s foundations, vowels, and sight words. Making sure they develop the perfect pronunciation while adding to their knowledge and confidence.

  • Age: 2 to 6 years
  • Includes: 12 Books
  • Size: 13cmx13cm

Title of Books

  1. This is Biscuit
  2. Biscuit and the Cat
  3. Biscuit and the Hen
  4. Biscuit’s Tub Fun
  5. Biscuit’s Trick
  6. Biscuit and the Box
  7. Biscuit and Sam
  8. Biscuit and the Nest
  9. Biscuit and the Duck
  10. Biscuit and the Kittens
  11. Biscuit and the Frog
  12. Biscuit

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Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 13 cm


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