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Our capsule toy is a DIY toy kit designed to keep your kids motivated and inspired. With a DIY toy not only will you be able to offer them a challenge that can help them boost their mental and physical capabilities. While offering them a toy they can play with and add to their collection. However, the DIY toy kit is a choke able hazard, which is why it is only offered to kids above 6 years of age.

We are offering you a number of different designed DIY toy kits. Covering adventures from jungle story, dinosaurs, and even city engineers. Each capsule holds a different toy and must be assembled by your little one. To keep things interesting, we send out random toys, so your kids can work to collect them all!

  • Size: 8x6cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age: 6+

To ensure that you receive this item in good condition, only courier shipping available. We seek your understanding.


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Dinosaur, Jungle Friends, City Engineer


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