Children Chinese Learning Flashcards


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This is one of most valued Chinese flashcards that aid our kids to maximize their learnings progressively with the variety of 4 different levels. Each card can help the kid to learn 1 word comprehensively.

Flashcards Overview

  • Options of 4 different sets (Volume 1 to 4) from elementary to advanced learning.
  • 250 cards per set/level
  • Good quality cards (350gsm)
  • Tightly packed into the box

Each card will be focusing on a single word where the kids can be guided with picture illustrating the word.

  • Chinese character
  • Chinese Bi Hua (sequence of stroke)
  • Hanyu Pin Yin
  • Accompanying words
  • QR code to learn the pronunciation.

These flashcards are truly value for money with 250 cards. You can choose to split the cards, educate your kids in learning phrases to develop their Chinese competency. To maximize their long-term proficiency, you can consider our wholesale special price and get more than 1 set. You can then plan out their Chinese learning phrases with your guided plan.

The standard package does not come with rings to bind the flashcard together. We will try our best to provide some rings as our added value.

Box cover design varies batches from batches.

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1 (1 – 250 words), 2 (251 – 500 words), 3 (501 -750 words), 4 (751 – 1000 words)


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