Children Foldable Castle Hut


The kids may love to have their private “space” at times to stimulate their own play + fun.

Indulge them to have their joyful moments with this affordable castle looking hut where they can spend some time in their own space. They get to learn how to “construct” their own house and we can guide them on being responsible to upkeep their own “territory”. Easy to assemble, let them take charge to set this up.

We have 2 different design types of tents in Blue and Pink and is water-resistant. It is portable and light-weight to be brought around at your convenience.

  1. Castle Hut

Product Information
Tent’s Dimension: 135cm x 80cm x 105cm
Package Dimension: 45cm x 45cm
Weight: 0.85kg

  1. Pastel Colour Playhouse

Tent’s Dimension: 130cm x 100cm x 130cm
Package Dimension: cm x cm
Weight: 0.85kg

No lights for Option 1 & 2.

Bulk deal
Quantity Discount Discounted price
5 - 9 12% -
10 - 14 15% -
15 - 20 20% -
21 + 23% -
Bulk pricing will be applied to package:

Additional information


Castle Hut Pink, Castle Hut Blue, Playhouse Pink, Playhouse Blue


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