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We have brought together a variety of this popular fidget toys that many of our kids would love to own and play with it. This toy can act as a sensory game where kids can play on their own or you can create bonding time with them.

Consider this as a great item to go into your kids goodie bag too, this can be a simple gift to spice children for the day or week. We are providing bulk prices available for you to make your purchase more worthy.

You can choose from one of our following options
1. Bracelet (random colors will be sent)
2. Unicorn
3. Heart
4. Crab
5. Ice-cream
6. Octagon
7. Bear

* Tone of the pop it color may varies from batch to batch. Please take the receipt of product as final version. Thank you.*

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Additional Information

Push Pop Bubble Fidget is a bubble fidget toy, dual sided with multiple rows poppable bubbles. It is made of silicone rubber. The kids can simply play with the basic fun of popping it or have a competition with a companion.

Playing with a companion – Whoever presses the last bubble loses.
– Begin with all buttons unpressed.
– 1st player can press any of the buttons vertically (can be 1 or more buttons)
– 2nd player will press vertically too (can be 1 or more buttons)
– Try to separate the buttons to improve the excitement of the game.
– The player that presses the last button will lose.

Bulk deal
Quantity Discount Discounted price
5 - 9 12% $2.53
10 - 14 15% $2.45
15 - 20 20% $2.30
21 + 23% $2.22
Bulk pricing will be applied to package:
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Bracelet Pop it, Braclet Watch Pop It, Bear, Unicorn, Ice-cream, Crab, Octagon, Heart, Butterfly, Square, Apple (Macaron), Dinosaur


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