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Cognitive Stem and Science Game


Enrich your kids learning through association with these new toys and games to broaden their general knowledge on common science. These games are suitable 8 years and above.

You can choose from one or more from the following topics:

1. Solar System
Your children get to assemble their own planetarium model, paint, and highlight it to achieve the glow effect that they like.

2. Volcano Eruption
A good chance to gain basic awareness of how the volcano eruption may be like.

Package Dimensions: 17cm x 22cm x 5cm (same for item 1 & 2)
Weight: 0.32kg

3. Bubble Machine
The children can now get to have their bubble making machine. Simple installation is needed for this toy, they can learn about how an easy setup of a game machine. They can pour in their bubble water, turn on the switch and the motor will begin to blow bubbles.

Batteries are not included for this toy.

Package Dimensions: 13cm x 9.5cm x 15cm
Weight: 0.3kg

4. Stem Rotating Planet (projection)
A simple installation for the children to put together the rotating planet. Learn how to organize the respective planet. Turn on the switch and see the planets rotate, increase more fun by bring this into a dark area. Actual colours and content may vary from illustration.

Package Dimensions: 21cm x 6cm x 24.5cm
Weight: 0.3kg

5. Stem Weather Station
Learn more about the weather changes impact through this plant growth process. A simple learning experiment our children can get start to acquire from their own experience of doing their trial on planting.

Package Dimensions: 21cm x 6cm x 24.5cm
Weight: 0.3kg

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Solar System, Volcano Eruption, Bubble Machine, Rotating Planet, Weather Station


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