Doodle Playhouse

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Design your own house! The kids will be thrilled to experience this unique activity of colouring the DIY house at home. A great bonding activity for kids and parents and for children of differing ages to have fun for this new “project”.

Kids will have to construct the house by assembling all necessary “sections” made of corrugated paper. They can then choose their favourite choice colour to “design” the colour theme. Upon completion, they will be thrilled by just going in and out of the house. Certainly, going to get them busy for a while. Each set comes with complimentary 6 colour markers.

We have 4 different options to cater to your children’s age and preference.

1. Baby House: 54 x 43 x 69cm
Packaging: 61 x 4 x 44cm

2. Forest House: 79 x 63 x 109cm
Packaging: 42 x 6 x 33 cm

3. Vineyard House: 99 x 77 x 123cm
Packaging: 87 x 7 x 52cm

4. Rocket: 82 x 76 x 119cm
Packaging: 51 x 8 x 41cm

5. Circus House: 102cm x 88cm x 148cm
Packaginging: 82cm x 6cm x 51cm

This product would excite kids as an enriching activity and a sure great idea for gifting for birthday.
We have ready stock to cater to your immediate requirements to save you the hassle of waiting for prolonged time as your kids would be so eager to get into this activity.


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Baby House, Forest House, Vineyard House, Circus House, Rocket

3 reviews for Doodle Playhouse

  1. Jeslyn NG

    Kids love it and spent the whole afternoon doodling and playhouse with their cousins. Great tool for bonding and interaction!

  2. George

    Bought the Jungle house for my nephew and nieces. They love it, good entertainment for the kids. Worth buying.

  3. Esther

    The house was very fun for my kid and kept her entertained the whole day. Will definitely recommend to my friends

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