Kids Learning – Scholastic Children Phonics Tales (For Aged 4 to 7 years old) (Free: Paw Patrol Pencil Box)

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Check out this best value for money phonic tales consist of 26 titles in a single set.  There are 25 interesting and colourful titles while it comes with a main teaching guide, it will help to introduce fun and a focal method to teach phonics to our young ones. This comprehensive set consist of the following titles:

Short Vowels

  1. That Cat Max (Short a)
  2. The Best Nest (Short e)
  3. The Little Pink Pig (Short i)
  4. Todd’ Odd Day (Short o)
  5. Lucky Duck (Short u)

Long Vowels

  1. Jake and Jane’ Great Race (Long o)
  2. Queen Bee ‘s Scream (Long e)
  3. Ike and Mike (Long i)
  4. At Home with Mole and Toad (Long o)
  5. A Mule Named Sugar Cube (Long u)

Other Vowels

  1. Goo, Goo (oo)
  2. Mouse in my Mouse (ou)
  3. Porcupine Pete (Silent e)
  4. Bert’s Super Circus (bossy r)

Blends and Digraphs

  1. Stan the Pest
  2. Skippy Skunk (sk)
  3. The Princess and the Pretzel (pr)
  4. Clark and Cleo’s Clouds (cl)
  5. A Groundhog Named Graddy (gr)
  6. Flora Flamingo Learns to Fly (fl)
  7. The Trolls Take a Trip (tr)
  8. Sleepyhead Sloth (sl)
  9. Chimp and Chick’s Lunch (ch)
  10. Shelly’s New Shoes (sh)
  11. The Thing That Went Thump (th)

The kids can have a busy time learning and would be excited to check out these new books and it will take a while for complete all 25 books. Certainly, a good deal and great deal to induce learnings.


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