Flash Cards Chinese For Kids (Free: Chinese Hanyu Pinyin Learning Rotating Plate)


Learning Chinese is important and we need to stimulate the kids to get started young. Educating them with the commonly used words will be useful to motivate them to speak the language more often.

The learning of Chinese needs to start early where the kids’ ability to recognize words to practising writing can be the foundation learning activity. You can now get your kids to start this routine activity to strengthen their Chinese language competency with these easy-to-learn flashcards.

Choose from our array of Chinese Flashcards to assist your children in their learning.

Type 1:
They get to learn these words in phrases and be able to progressively improve with 4 different levels of flashcards:
Level 1 and 2 for Nursery;
Level 3 and 4 for Kindergarten.

Starting to learn through flashcards can also aid to boast and test their memory capability.
The card comes with good quality cardboard and is doubled with a dimension of 8cm by 8cm. You can the kids to learn on the go as well as this is easy to keep and be brought out.

Size: 8cm x 8 cm
Material: Paper
Level: Nursery (54 cards each level) , Kindergarten (108 cards each level)


Type 2:
There are 3 learning options available where it focuses on a single word recognition to practising their writing skills and learning about the relating phrases.

1. Basic Words (上)
2. Advanced Words (下)
3. Hanyu Pinyin (拼音)

Each pack comes with 81 cards and you can hold them together with a plastic hook. Each card is doubled sided.
Product Dimension: 9cm by 9cm by 4cm.

Type 3:
Our kids can now have greater motivation to learn their Chinese through this interesting matching card game. Each box comes with 120 cards with a simple instruction manual on how to play.

This game can be played with 2 to 6 players and is suited for 5 years old onwards. Can introduce good family bonding fun and guide your kids to improve their motivation for learning Chinese.

This is truly affordable and can ignite better interest for our children towards learning our Mother tongue. We parents can to refresh our Chinese proficiency too.

The game can be played simply by the following basic steps:
1. Shuffle the cards with the words facing down and each player to draw 4 cards.
2. Start the game by randomly opening up 1 card in the centre.
3. Each player (by counterwise turn) try to match if any of their 4 cards matches the open card in the centre.
4. Matching cards will be awarded a point and are to put aside.
5. Player draw a new card and open another card to keep the matching game continues.
6. The game will go on in the new sequent until almost all cards are matched.
7. Final winner is based on number of points collected (no. of matching cards)

Alternatively, you can just open up all cards and get your kids to match accordingly to their best knowledge as another basic learning flashcard.

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Nursery, Kindergarten, Basic Words (上), Advanced Words (下), Hanyu Pinyin (拼音), Chinese Game


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