Memory Matching Game


Memory skills are important in the growing up phases of children be it for learning spelling, multiplication table or even to learn the different colors of rainbow.

Memory Matching Games is a deck of matching picture cards for the children to remember the location of the picture cards face downwards to find the identical pair. Winner with the most matching cards will win the game. This game helps children to think, plan and remember.

It can also be double up as flash cards for younger kids where the spelling on the card enhances their visual memory and active recognition.

To add on the excitement and challenges, use the time funnel and complete the matching within the time frame. Aim to complete the matching in a shorter time than the earlier rounds.

A parent and child interaction game with 9 game rules that you can play the way whichever suits you or simply set your own game rules that suits you and your kids.

Each set consists of 2 tin boxes of 2 different themes with 30 cards each and a time funnel.

  • Size: 29 cm x 2.7cm x 16 cm (LxWxH)
  • Material: Card
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