Mickey Mouse Pencil Cover


Our Disney pencil covers showcase two Mickey Characters. These original pencil covers are a true delight for any Mickey Mouse lovers out there. As it allows them to decorate their pencils with inspiring and charming characters they love. Each cover comes with a different top design, showcasing a different princess; so you can easily make your pencils stand out.

Why offer your child anything extra, when you can offer them inspiring pencil covers that boost their imagination each time they work. It does not matter if they are doing their homework, or just drawing for fun. These pencil covers will help support them every step of the way. As their charming designs are here to stay.

  • Size: 1×4.5cm (WxH)
  • Color: Random
  • Includes: 1 pack of 4 Pencil Covers
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Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 4.5 cm


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