Oil Painting


Check out the popular collection of animal series for kids’ oil painting. Great for accompanying the kids during their leisure and indulge them in meaningful colour activities. Colouring aid our children cognitive development, learning to focus and the cultivating their general discipline for precision.

Ideal gift for kids birthday goodie bag giveaway.

We will ship a minimum of 3 units per order.  We offer the following gifts for your purchase.

  • Purchase 5 to 10 units: Free 12 x short colour pencils + stickers.
  • Purchase 10 to 20 units: Free 12 x long colour pencil + stickers.
  • Purchase 20 units & above: Free 24 colour pencil + bookmark

Product Overview

  • Dimension: 20cm by 20cm
  • Wooden frame with numbering for ease of colouring
  • Comes with 2 paint brushes + lifting hooks
  • Guide on each picture



Additional information

Weight 0.25 g

Crab, Dolphin, Happy Fish, Jelly Fish, Painted Fish, Polar Bear, Rainbow Fish, Sea Lion, Seal, Shark, Turtle, Whale, Dog, Elk, Giraffe, Goat, Horse, Monkey, Mouse, Rabbit, Snake, Tiger, Dino-A, Dino-B, Dino-C, Unicorn-A, Unicorn-B


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