Adorable Bunny Party Bags (Small) – 1 pack of 10


Our adorable bunny party bags are designed to add charm and character to any special occasion. These bags are designed keeping the gift giver and receiver in mind. So you can present anything you wish to offer; in a charming bunny bag. We are offering a range of designs to choose from, so you too can pick the perfect bunny bag for your party.

Each one of the designs we have to offer ensures enchantment, indulgence, and quality. So you can amaze your guests with this one of a kind bunny party bags. The bags offer a spacious size, allowing you the opportunity to add a number of things; depending on their size.

  • Size: 13.5cmx22cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Print: Bunny

1 pack of 10pcs

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Cheeky Cat(Pack of 10), Pink Bunny with Feet (Pack of 10), Sleeping BUnny(Pack of 10), Goat(Pack of 10), Smiling Bunny(Pack of 10), Cute Bunny(Pack of 10), Panda(Pack of 10), Pink Kitten (Pack of 10), Bunny (Pack of 10), For YOu(Coffee)(Pack of 10), For You(Pink) (Pack of 10), Pink Flower (Pack of 10), Green Flower (Pack of 10), Blue Bunny(Pack of 10), Pink Bunny (Pack of 10), Buck Teeth Bunny (Pack of 10), Blue Happy Bunny (Pack of 10), Blue Bunny with Feet(Pack of 10)


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