Joywish 24 & 36 colours pencils


Check out these new 24 and 36 colour pencils at very affordable prices.

Joywish is a sub-brand of Joseph Hartmut Colour pencils, an Austria brand colour pencils.

We have tested the quality of this new brand with a panel of parents and children. The feedback was very consistent commenting that the colouring tip is very smooth and is an enjoyable experience using these colour pencils. You may like it better than the general brands, try it out today.

Packaging dimension:
Dimension of 24 colours : 9.07 cm (W) x 17.8 cm (H) x 1.57 cm (D)
Dimension of 36 colours: 13.4 cm (W) x 17.8 cm (H) x 1.57 cm (D)

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24 colours, 36 colours


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